Evopro has extensive experience in numerous technologies and industries to solve dedicated and high complexity problems. Our team of developers, programmers, mathematicians, physicists and research fellows solves not only theoretical problems, but also offers solutions for practical problems.

  • heterogeneous computing
  • service-oriented system development
  • data analytics
  • context aware mobile services
  • image processing
Preferred software development tools
  • languages: C, C++, Java, C#, Ada, Pascal, PhP, Perl, Python, Modula, NetBeans, Objecitve C
  • databases: MS-SQL, MySQL, Postgre SQL
  • modeling: SysML, UML, MATLAB, Simulink, Maple, MathWorks


  • algorithmic theory based analysis
  • modeling of high computational complexity problems, design and development of custom software
  • analysis, design, development and operation of databases
  • data-level analysis and organization of databases
  • correlational analysis (based on content, properties, or context)
  • development of custom industrial applications
  • project management, project documentation

Key competencies

  • cloud computing
  • generic descriptive languages
  • data organization for commercial, warehouse and other inventory databases
  • research in chemical informatics
  • bio-informatics R&D
  • semantic web content
  • artificial intelligence
  • purpose-built software used in industrial automation

Key reference areas

  • search for 2D- and 3D- based- molecule equivalence in pharmaceutical databases
  • product inventory cleanup in warehouse and chain-store databases
  • supplementary software solutions for manufacturers of automated equipment
  • cloud-based, high computational complexity applications